Sunday, 6 December 2015

My Beauty Box Subscriptions

This year, I joined up to two beauty box subscriptions. If you're a fan of beauty blogs, I'm fairly certain you'll know what I'm referring to - you sign up for a certain price per month/quarter/year etc., to receive a little treat through your door, usually each month, from your company of choice.

I'd seen many different types of boxes out there but the two that really caught my interest were those I am now signed up to: Glossybox and Pink Parcel.

I'll give you an overview of each in this post; I've been signed up to both for around 6 months so I've had a few deliveries and have started to get a real feel for the kinds of treats that can be expected from these boxes. I am still signed up to both, so you can guess that I'm liking what I'm paying for. Full reviews of future boxes will feature on my blog so you can get a real idea of what I think of future releases.