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My Beauty Box Subscriptions

This year, I joined up to two beauty box subscriptions. If you're a fan of beauty blogs, I'm fairly certain you'll know what I'm referring to - you sign up for a certain price per month/quarter/year etc., to receive a little treat through your door, usually each month, from your company of choice.

I'd seen many different types of boxes out there but the two that really caught my interest were those I am now signed up to: Glossybox and Pink Parcel.

I'll give you an overview of each in this post; I've been signed up to both for around 6 months so I've had a few deliveries and have started to get a real feel for the kinds of treats that can be expected from these boxes. I am still signed up to both, so you can guess that I'm liking what I'm paying for. Full reviews of future boxes will feature on my blog so you can get a real idea of what I think of future releases.


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Glossybox describe their product as "the perfect beauty treat". For your subscription, you receive a really sturdy, pretty pink box (or occasionally a specially designed box of a different colour / style), which contains five delightfully packaged beauty products.

I love the Glossybox for the packaging alone. The outer box is more than capable of protecting the inner box. It doesn't fit through a letterbox, but my postie is an absolute gem and always leaves mine in my agreed safe place.

The inner boxes are sturdy, well made, and pretty. I've taken to 'upcycling' mine and using them for a variety of purposes. I have some in my sock drawer, used to organise different types of socks and tights (yes really), I have one which houses my lipstick collection, and another which holds my makeup brushes.

The products themselves are generally really lovely. Off the top of my head I can only think of a few which I haven't been keen on or haven't had use for since I signed up. Most of the products I've received I have put straight to use, or they are waiting patiently to be next in line depending on the product (e.g. I seem to have accumulated quite a large moisturiser collection). The products from Glossybox have been a mixture of brands I know well and others I have never heard of. I really like the idea of receiving brands which are new to me, as this encourages me to try new things. It can be so easy to get stuck in a rut.

Glossybox offers a number of different subscription options. There's the 3-month plan at £9.50/month, the 6-month plan at £9.00/month, the monthly plan at £10/month and the 12-month plan at £8.50/month.

There's also an occasional special edition box, which subscribers can often get their hands on for discounted prices. The most recent was a collaboration with Nars; I was lucky enough to get a box and will be posting a review of it soon.

There's also the opportunity to collect 'Glossy dots' by answering surveys about the products you receive. When you've collected 1000, you can redeem them against a box so you get a box free.

You do need to be mindful that the subscriptions auto-renew, so if you sign up for a monthly box thinking you have just bought one box, you need to ensure you cancel your subscription straight away to avoid being charged for the next month. I know from the comments on the company's Facebook page that this catches people out. I made this error myself, I bought a monthly subscription to try it out (thinking I had bought a single box), then bought a six-month one when I was happy with my box. The next month I received two identical boxes - the second of my 'monthly' subscription and the first of my six-month one. Glossybox were great though and refunded me when I returned one box.

I have no plans to end my subscription any time soon, I am really enjoying being a Glossybox girl and I'm looking forward to continuing to discover more from them.

Pink Parcel

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Pink Parcel is, in my opinion, an absolute genius idea. The boxes you receive from Pink Parcel are designed to help you 'get through' your period. You get some options with this box; you can opt for either tampons or towels to be included, and you can select your favourite from a number of well known brands for your sanitary products (including Tampax and Always). You complete a profile with details of your cycle, i.e. dates, so that the parcel can be sent to you at an appropriate time to ensure you have your products when you need them.

As well as the essentials, you then receive a number of treats, all designed to make you feel that bit better at that time of the month when you're likely to be feeling generally a bit rubbish. Every box contains a teabag, some chocolate and then a number of pampering beauty products.

Recently, the package was updated and now every box includes some pantyliners and a feminine hygiene product from the brand Sass. I will have a separate post about Sass soon, as I have been seriously impressed with their offerings and they have literally changed my habits.

The tampons or towels come with a little black drawstring bag which you can use to store them in within your handbag - I've never really been fussed about keeping my tampons particularly secret but the bag is quite a cute little touch all the same.

Pink Parcel costs £12.99 per month and you get a really great selection of products for that price. If I was to compare, I'd say that the contents are little less 'high end' than those in the Glossybox, but you get a lot more content and I've found that there's more variety in terms of the products.

The boxes themselves are not particularly high quality and I have often found that they are coming apart a little when I get them out of the outer packaging; they are definitely not reusable. However, the products have never been damaged and the packaging therefore serves its purpose. They also fit through most letterboxes, which is great if your postie isn't the kind to leave your parcel somewhere else if it doesn't fit.

One thing I do like about Pink Parcel is that you can choose to 'pause' your subscription, so if you want to stop it for a certain amount of time, you can do. If you fell pregnant, for example, this would be handy as you can pause until you have had your baby and your periods begin again as normal.

I'm actually going to pause mine after the December box just for a month (I want to see if there are any festive items!), simply because I've accumulated a stock of tampons which I want to use up. I had some already when I got my first box, then I've found I don't quite use all the ones I'm sent; which is actually great because at least I haven't found myself caught short and running out of supplies.

So there you have it, a little overview of my current subscriptions. I will definitely begin reviewing my monthly deliveries and getting into the products themselves over the next few months, to give you a better idea of what you may will signing up to if you choose to take the plunge.

Let me know about your beauty subscriptions. What are your favourites?


  1. I'd like to see a review of one of your pink parcels please

    1. Hi! Keep your eye on the blog, I will hopefully have a review of the box I get in April. I have paused my subscription for a short time so won't have a new box until April. I will definitely review that one! Maybe I could look at a 'best of 2015 Pink Parcels' post.

      Love, Siobhan x

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