Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Mid-Week Update! - The Nail Files 2016: Week One

Today I am just dropping in to give a little update on how my manicure is holding up now we're at the mid-week point.

My post went up on Monday, but I actually did my nails on Saturday. I'm writing this on Wednesday, so the polish has had almost 4 full days of wear.

My Verdict:

Unfortunately, the results haven't been brilliant, in terms of the polish lasting. It was Saturday evening when I completed my mani, and the first signs of chipping were showing by Sunday evening.

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Chipping: L-R - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

However, I am not overly disappointed, nor am I particularly surprised. As I mentioned in my first post, my nails are very shiny naturally and I have never managed to keep nail polish on for long without chips. I honestly think that's just something I have to put up with.

I had a salon gel manicure for my wedding back in August, and even this only just lasted a week before showing signs of wear and chipping. The manicurist had advised that they generally last 2-3 weeks (but it can vary per person).

I should also add that I do actually do quite a lot of things with my hands which are not exactly conducive to keeping nails chip free. I wash up, I clean, I generally just do normal stuff. Shocking, eh?! I wear rubber gloves but I don't really stop to think about not chipping my nails, when getting on with day to day jobs.

Would I still recommend the United Beauty Gel Touch Starter Kit?

Absolutely! Although lasting power is one of its key selling points, for me, I know that my nails defy this claim whatever product I put on them. I still enjoy using the kit to give my nails a professional finish and to add a beautiful shine to any nail colour I use.

Topped Up

Today I couldn't cope any more with the chipped nails, but neither could I be bothered soaking off the gel and redoing my nails completely. I decided to just use the same colour to top up the ends where the polish had chipped, then pop another coat of the gel touch on top. Whilst on close inspection it isn't the neatest finish I've ever seen, I'm quite happy with the quick fix and it will look ok for the rest of the week. At the weekend, I can go back to the drawing board and have a new colour for my first week back at work in 2016!

Feeling Pretty Vintage Blog
Topped up polish and gel top coat

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