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My Top Three for Keeping My Makeup Brushes Clean

I'm fairly certain we all know that it's worthwhile keeping our makeup brushes clean. For a lot of people, cleaning their (often vast) brush collection is a bit of chore, one of those tasks you know you need to do but the thought of it fills you with dread.

I'm just going to throw it out there and admit, I'm not one of those people. I don't find it a chore, I actually enjoy the ritual of a good brush cleaning session. I know, I need to get out more.
The benefits of cleaning your kit far outweigh the drawbacks (in fact, are there any drawbacks?!) Decent makeup brushes don't come cheap, they're an investment and that warrants due care and attention in my book. If your brushes are clean, your makeup goes on so much better, the bristles feel more comfortable against your skin, you're avoiding transferring bacteria and nasties from product to brush to skin and back...see, there are no drawbacks.
I have three wonderful products which make up my arsenal for approaching brush cleaning. It's a dream kit which makes the task as painless and easy as possible.

Sigma Cleaning Glove

Saw this on a blog post, had to have it. Simple as that! I suffer from dry hands if I submerge them in water too much, so this beauty lets me clean my brushes and keep my hand dry. The glove has a 'face' side and an 'eye' side which are both for the associated brush types. The ridges and bumps are designed to really get into the bristles and clean out all traces of makeup and whatever else lurks beneath. It also has an inner, separate microfiber glove, which I find helps your hand to stay dry and adds to the comfort of wearing the glove. Another novel little feature is its 'double thumb', i.e. a thumb slot on each side so you can wear both ways on either hand. Genius.

Sigma Glove Pink
Eye Brush textures on the left, Face Brush textures on the right.

You can pick up the glove from Feel Unique for £30.95. Mine's pink but there are a few colour options.

You'll have noticed in the pics I have Real Techniques brushes; Real Techniques have recently launched a brush cleaning pad which I presume has a similar effect to the Sigma glove; it's worth checking out if you want a slightly more affordable option.

I chose this product on a whim after spying it in Superdrug. Prior to this I used Johnson's baby shampoo, which was effective but a bit messy. The Lottie London Soap Star is brilliant. Dampen your brush, swipe over the soap, rub into a lather (on the glove if you have one!), rinse. It's that easy! And my brushes are so soft after use (more so than after baby shampoo). Leave the soap and your brushes to air dry.

Makeup Brush Cleaner Soap

The Soap Star is priced at £6.99 at Superdrug.

Another random purchase from Superdrug I made on a whim; these were by the till and I saw them whilst queuing. They're basically the concept of a makeup wipe, but soaked with brush cleanser not facial cleanser. These are great to use as and when you do your makeup, to give your brushes a quick clean in between uses without having to go through the whole cleaning routine.

I use them every couple of days. I tend to do my makeup in full, keeping the brushes I've used to one side, then sweep my brushes over a wipe to get rid of the surface makeup.

The wipes aren't all that wet, and dry out quite quickly so I'd recommend using them at the end of completing your makeup. I'd not sealed my packet well the other day and the wipes were quite dry, so I ran one under the tap and squeezed excess water out before using; this worked well.

I've just stocked up one two more packets as they were 'buy one get one half price' in my local Superdrug.

Makeup Brush Wipes Clean Cleanse

Normal price is £3.99 and you get 25 wipes in a packet.

So there you have it, three lovely products to keep your tools in tip top condition. It really doesn't have to be hard work and the benefits of clean brushes are so hard to argue with.

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Hope you've enjoyed this post, let me know your tips and tricks for brush cleaning happiness!

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