Wednesday, 20 January 2016

StyleExpertise Haircare by Superdrug...My Thoughts

Today I'm bringing you my thoughts on a couple of little hair care products I picked up from Superdrug recently. I didn't know Superdrug had its 'own brand' hair care, but I've been using a couple of things from their range and they've quickly become part of my daily routine.
A couple of months ago, I wanted a change with my hair. It was getting quite long and I wasn't doing anything with it. I couldn't be bothered to straighten it but when I left it 'natural' it had no kind of style or shape either.

So I headed off to my hairdresser (Red Contemporary Hair, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire) and asked my regular stylist Frankie to cut it all off...well nearly! I went from just beyond shoulder length to somewhere nearer my chin.

Hair style beach waves short
Just after I had the chop!
My hair has a natural wave / curl to it, and I wanted it to be the right length to allow me to just leave it to do its thing.  Once it was cut, all it needed was a blast with a diffuser and a bit of a scrunch et voila! The beachy waves I was hoping for.

I now have the best of both worlds because I can really amp up the curls and waves, or I can leave it to naturally dry and it is less curly, more wavy. I can also still straighten it.

StyleExpertise by Superdrug

So after the chop, I was looking for something to give the added texture that's needed for beach waves, a sort of surf spray. I already owned the iconic Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray and a Sea Salt Spray by Lush, but neither had me overly impressed. Perhaps I'll review those in a future post.

I was browsing the aisles of Superdrug when I spotted, and ultimately picked up, two products which sounded perfect for my new style: Texturising Curl Creme (to tame the frizz) and Salt Infusion Surf Spray.

surf spray curl creme superdrug
StyleExpertise Products by Superdrug

Both products are brilliant! 

The Curl Creme gives my hair a smoother appearance; it's a gel/creme texture which is very light in the hair. It doesn't go stiff or crusty (like some cremes I've used before) and it has a very light pleasant scent. I like to run this through my wet hair before I use the diffuser or let it dry. I also use it on dry hair to tame the frizz and it works well.

The Surf Spray is just perfect. As mentioned, I struggled to get on with Bumble and Bumble or Lush; both I find a little bit too sticky and stiff.  This StyleExpertise offering is neither of these things. It encourages my hair to take on the beachy waves I'm after but like the creme it doesn't sit heavy in the hair and it brushes through easily after use.

All in all I'm really impressed.  You can pick up each product at Superdrug in store or online; both are £2.99.

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