Monday, 18 January 2016

The Nail Files 2016: Week 3

This week, I've decided to give my nails a little bit of a rest and some TLC with some treatments. I'll be giving them a break from the polish and gel and using the lovely Ciate treatments I received in my mini mani month advent calendar.
My Essie Merino Cool mani from last week lasted really well, with chips only really starting to show at the back end of the week.

I noticed as the week went on that one or two of my nails were starting to break. When my nails start to crack, it's always (annoyingly) very far down towards the 'pink' bit of nail, it's not just the white ends which snag.

I tried repairing a couple with nail glue and this did the trick until the weekend when I removed my polish.

I took the polish off on Saturday and my nails were, no mincing my words, in a bit of a state! The were very weak and felt very thin. I haven't had a break from nail polish for a while so it wasn't surprising.

So, I decided that they needed some TLC.


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My Ciate Mini Mani Month advent calendar included a couple of nail treatments, so I reached for one of these.  I chose to use 'Nail Gym', which is described by Ciate as follows:

"A Personal Trainer for your mani, use this intensive treatment developed with Advanced Oxygen Technology and patented Hexanal for strong, toned and healthy looking nails."

Just what I need to sort out my poor talons!

Feeling Pretty Vintage BlogFeeling Pretty Vintage Blog

I trimmed my nails right down and filed them so at the moment there are barely any whites at all, but hopefully it will do them some good and prepare them for fresh polish next week. I've applied one coat of the treatment so I'll see how that lasts and whether I need to reapply later in the week. It is recommended to use it twice a week so I'll see how I go.

I'll also be applying hand cream like it goes out of fashion. Today I've used Soap and Glory's Hand Dream for a good nourishing dose of hydration. It makes my hands feel so soft and hydrated and it smells absolutely delicious. What's not to love?!

P.S. It really bugs the pedant within me that I can't type 'Ciate' with an accent on the e...if you know how then do let me know!

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