Monday, 25 January 2016

The Nail Files 2016: Week 4

It's that time of the week again. I'm quite impressed I've managed four weeks on the trot actually doing something with my nails and making the effort to sit down and sort them out! I am a little hungover today following a housewarming party I was at last night, so I did need a bit of a pamper.

Collection Ciate London Nail Polishes
Collection and Ciate London

Last week's treatment
So last week my nails had a break and a bit of a treatment, which seems to have done the trick. They haven't split, peeled or cracked all week so I think they're appreciated the treatment! They just need to grow a little now but we can't have everything *sigh*.

Ciate London: Shady Lady

I'm still feeling very much 'wintery' in my colour choices for clothes, makeup and nails, so this week I've gone for a silver look using Ciate London's Shady Lady. This was another treat which came in my mini mani month advent calendar.  I don't think this shade is available separately, I certainly couldn't find it online to post you a link unfortunately.

Nails Snapchat Collection CiateSilver nails with glitter

Collection Long Lasting Nail Effects: Ice Queen

I felt the need for an injection of sparkle, so I've topped my colour with a layer of this beautiful shimmery pot of goodness.  Ice Queen needs to be seen in the flesh, its online picture does it no justice whatsoever. It's a clear polish which is packed with the most gorgeous teeny tiny particles of glitter in purples, blues, silvers, etc.  It gives a wonderful subtle but effective shimmer on top of the Ciate colour. I received it last year in either a Glossybox or a Pink Parcel, I can't recall which.  It proved very difficult to photograph, hence the following photo which I popped on my Snapchat story.

Glitter Nail Colour

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