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The Nail Files 2016: Weeks 5-8

If you've been following my blog, you may have noticed that I started a series called "The Nail Files 2016", which I was using to show you my manicures week-by-week. I decided to change the way I was doing these posts, as it felt like my blog was getting clogged with them. So, I'll be posting them monthly (or thereabouts), to continue showing you the nail looks I've gone for each week, but without bombarding you on a weekly basis.

Feeling Pretty Vintage Blog

So here we have my nails from the last four weeks, details of the polishes used and a mini review of the lasting power of each.

Week 5: Pink Graffiti

Ciaté London Raspberry Collins, topped with Maybelline Colour Show Street Artist in White Splatter.

I absolutely loved this combination. I was going to top just the ring finger but then I changed my mind and used the graffiti effect top coat on each nail. I even got quite a few compliments from friends. I then topped the whole thing with my usual Gel Touch kit.

Feeling Pretty Vintage Blog

It didn't last the full week, chips were visible by Tuesday, but because of the splatter effect top coat it actually wasn't that noticeable. The colour is just stunning though, I achieved a really deep pink with just two coats of the Raspberry Collins. I've been quite impressed with the darker 
Ciaté polishes, the opacity and depth of colour is lovely.

Week 6: Red, Black and White

Ciaté London Hutch, topped with Ciaté London Check Mate

Keeping on the top coat theme, I decided to pair these two Ciaté polishes for week 6. I also topped this with the Gel Touch top coat.

Feeling Pretty Vintage Blog

Again, the lasting power wasn't too great on this, but I honestly think that's as much to do with my nails as it is the polish. The deep red colour was great and as with the previous week, I achieved this opacity with two coats.  

The Check Mate top coat is quite hard to use because the black and white particles disperse all over and they don't transfer too well onto the nail. I almost had to dab the brush onto the nail rather than swipe it. I think it would take a lot of patience and many coats to get any kind of consistent look with this top coat.

Week 7: Peachy Keen
Ciaté Life's A Peach

The sun had been shining for a couple of days and I was clutching to the hope that Spring may be on its way. So I reached for a lighter shade and kept it simple with for week 6. Topped with Gel Touch.

Feeling Pretty Vintage Blog

This lasted quite well, possibly better than the previous two weeks because there were only two coats of polish (and no fancy glitter / bitty top coats).  The lighter colour polish needed a bit more careful application to achieve this opacity and I definitely couldn't have got away with just one coat. The first coat was quite streaky and uneven but with one more on top it evened out nicely.  I really like the colour and think it would look great with a tan.

Week 8: Treatment/Break Week

By this point in the month my nails were looking and feeling a bit damaged and delicate again, so I took a break from the Gel and gave them some TLC. 

I did pop a bit of polish on briefly last weekend for my birthday night out, but then the rest of the week I spent polish-free, giving my nails a coat of Ciaté's Knight in Shining Armour treatment a couple of times in the week. My nails are now really short as they suffered some breakage so they definitely needed a break.

Hope you've liked having a nosy at my nails for the last month and have enjoyed my reviews of the products used. Let me know what your favourite polishes are. I'll be back in a few weeks with more.

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