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The Nail Files 2016: Weeks 9-12

Almost another month has gone by and it's time to have a look at my nail looks for weeks 9 to 12 of 2016. I've stuck to quite plain simple choices these past couple of weeks.

Week 9: Nicely Nude
Revlon Gray Suede and United Beauty Gel Touch Top Coat

I picked this lovely neutral tone for week 9. This polish was in one of my Pink Parcels last year and I was yet to use it. In the bottle it has an almost pearlescent finish.

On the nails it became a lovely nude with two coats. The formula is quite thin so you do need those couple of coats to get this opacity. It applies well though and dried fairly quickly. To be honest, I'm not sure the name 'gray suede' suits it; it certainly looked more beige than grey to me anyway.

Feeling Pretty Vintage Blog

This lasted the week quite well with my Gel Touch Top coat.  Revlon polishes can be found at Boots for around £6 depending which collection you choose.

Week 10: Feeling Green
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Watermelon with Gel Touch Top Coat

I was due to attend a fancy dress event during this week, at which I was dressing as a dragon (don't ask!) so I thought I'd go green with my nails. I have worn this colour a fair bit in the past and I'd actually forgotten how much I like it.

The Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine range is fantastic, in my opinion. The colours are gorgeous and I find the formula really pleasing. I like to apply two coats for full opacity but this particular shade would be fine with just one coat. These polishes, as the name suggests, are mega shiny anyway but I added the top coat partly as it's becoming habit and partly as I am determined to get some decent lasting power out of my kit!

Feeling Pretty Vintage Blog

I'll be honest, I can't remember how this one lasted. These polishes can be found on Barry M's own website for what I think is the bargain price of £3.99. For the quality of the polishes, this is an absolute steal. They are also stocked in Boots and Superdrug, should you wish to get your loyalty points.

Week 11: Classic Grey
Ciaté Prima Ballerina with Seche Vite top coat

For the start of week 11, I spent a couple of days polish free. I applied some treatments at various points to keep my nails nourished. I then had a couple of days of interviews at work (read my life update post here if you're interested) and I needed to feel totally 'polished' (pardon the pun) so I popped on a colour to finish off my look.

I chose another fairly neutral shade; Ciaté's Prima Ballerina (from my advent calendar). I topped it with Seche Vite top coat for convenience. I love the colour, and I got a good opacity with two coats.

Feeling Pretty Vintage Blog

This particular combination didn't last long at all. It was peeling off after a couple of days. I actually forget to get a photo when it was fresh, so you can see signs of chipping above (I strategically placed the worst chipped nail on my middle finger!)

I took this off and spent another day or so polish free, adding treatments here and there.

Ciaté polishes can be found online here and Seche Vite is also widely available online; I recommend Beauty Bay.

Week 12: Bright Blue
Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Polish in Mind the Gap, Victoria, and Gel Touch Top Coat

I got my husband to choose my nail colour this week, and he went with this blue option. He always says I should have blue because that's his football team's colour *rolling eyes emoji*. I couldn't be bothered deciding on another colour so I just went with it.

I get this opacity with two coats. Rimmel 60 seconds are some of my favourite polishes; they go on really well and they do dry really quickly (though not quite 60 seconds). I also think they're great value for money (£2.99). I get mine from Boots or Superdrug whenever they're on three for two.

I have a bit of weird love/hate for this particular colour; I really love the colour in the bottle, I love it on my nail wheel, but whenever I get it on my fingers I find it a bit 'meh'. I can't seem to get past the fact that it makes me think of blu-tac.

I'm posting this at the start of week 12 so I can't comment on how well it's lasted as it's been on a total of 10 minutes as I type.

Extra: Mini Review
No.7 Nail Strength and Grow Treatment

I introduced this treatment in my recent post "Step Into Spring..." This is what I have been using in between wearing nail polish and so far I am quite impressed with it. Rather than being a nail polish that you pop on and allow to dry, it is more like an oil (but not oily!) that you apply and then massage into the nail.

I haven't noticed much growth but I definitely think this has helped the condition of the surface of my nails when I haven't been wearing polish.

My nails seem more hydrated and they've been breaking less than normal. Granted, they're very short right now so there is less to break, but I do think the treatment has helped.

Let me know what you think of the products I've included in today's post.

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