Monday, 14 March 2016

Turning 30...My Birthday Celebrations

20th February marked a special occasion, it was the day I turned 30...suppose I should start feeling like a proper adult some time soon!

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Here comes the cliché the hell did this happen?! How have 30 whole years gone by? I swear last time I checked I was 18 years old, just meeting my now husband and trying to fathom out if I actually did want to go to university or not.

That aside, I have to say I actually quite like being 30. Okay, it's only been a few weeks, but so far I'm really not fussed by it. Let's be honest, not a lot changes does it? I still look young (thanks genes!) and I still feel young so ultimately, age really is just a number.


I had such a fabulous weekend celebrating my big birthday with all my favourite people.

I was working on the Friday and my lovely colleagues had decorated my desk with balloons, banners and confetti, and they bought me some lovely gifts. I was really quite spoilt!

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Presents took over my desk!

On the Friday night, I went out into Leeds with a big group of friends. We spent the night in Revolucion de Cuba, the cocktails and prosecco were flowing, and much to my delight the music was mostly salsa! I'd had a feeling it would be but I was taking along some non dancer friends (including my hubby) and I hadn't admitted to them it was basically a salsa bar. Sneaky! It was such a laugh, we spent the night dancing. We were given flower leis to wear when we walked in and then later there were ladies dressed in full samba gear giving out maracas. Needless to say I came home with several leis and a pair of the maracas!

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(Here's hoping my friends don't mind being blogged!)
Feeling Pretty Vintage Blog
Getting my pose on after a few cocktails!

On Saturday Adam treated me to breakfast at our favourite farm shop café and then we had a lazy afternoon. My in-laws called round with my presents and a box full of photos from Adam's childhood (they'd been having a clearout) so I enjoyed looking at those with his mum.

Saturday night was party round two, we met my parents and my brother and sister-in-law at the Brazilian restaurant, Fazenda. I was so excited to go as it was my first visit and I'd heard only good things, mainly about the amazing salad bar.

We weren't disappointed. For those who don't know, at Fazenda you pay a set price per head, help yourself to as much from the salad bar as you wish, then you wait for the chefs to visit your table with a variety of meats, as and when they are ready to be served. You have a card on your table, it's green on one side, red on the other. When you're ready to try some meat, turn your card over to show the green side; if you want a break, turn it red.

Needless to say, we all had a really good time. The meats were all gorgeous; I tried steak, lamb, chicken hearts (not a fan!), and black pudding (my guilty pleasure) and it was all delicious. The chocolate mousse dessert was also incredible.

I was also surprised with a birthday cake. My mum's friend is a cake maker and she had done a Princess Aurora themed one, complete with figurines and tiara which my mum had sourced. I may be 30 but I still love me a Disney Princess!

Feeling Pretty Vintage Blog
With my Princess Aurora cake
Feeling Pretty Vintage Blog
Just a small candle...!

I spent Sunday chilling out and sorting out all my wonderful presents and cards. I really was truly spoilt and I am so grateful for all my lovely cards and gifts. Adam said our house looked like a 'birthday bomb' had gone off, quite an accurate description!

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Gifts and cards
Feeling Pretty Vintage Blog
Cake, cupcakes, alcohol and sweeties

Feeling Pretty Vintage Blog
Gorgeous gifts!

All in all I had such a great weekend and I was utterly ruined, my friends and family were so generous and kind and I felt very loved.
If I could have another 30th next year, that'd be great please!

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