Sunday, 8 January 2017

An Itch To Be Scratched

Well hello there!

Yes, it's me. 

And I'm blogging.

I've been thinking about this post for a while, wondering if I wanted to start this up again or whether it really was just too much effort. And today I felt that the itch just needed scratching.
I enjoy writing, and I like sharing my thoughts with anyone who wants to listen/read. That was the whole purpose behind starting this blog. True, I also started it because I enjoyed reading blogs and thought "this looks easy, I can do this".

Turns out, credit where credit is due, this frequent, serious blogging malarkey is in fact not as easy as you might think. No that I planned on being a pro, but even my small efforts with my blog for three months last year showed me that this "hobby" can soon turn into work, then a chore.

It took me a while to realise that my last attempt at this blog just wasn't "me". 


2016 was a very, very weird year for me, career wise in particular. It was one of the hardest years I've ever got through doing what I do for a living (electoral administration). I won't get political here as that is most definitely not what I want my blog to be about. But I will say this, the EU Referendum was like nothing I've ever delivered, and I will not be sorry to never be tasked with anything like it again for the remainder of my career! Due to the sheer pressure of my work life in 2016, blogging became the very last thing on my mind from about April onwards.

A new hobby

Around the time I stopped blogging, I found a new outlet through which to share my passion for beauty and makeup. I was added by a friend to a Facebook group, Mrs Gloss&The Goss; a group entirely dedicated to talking about and sharing all things beauty, makeup, fashion etc.

This growing group of 33k beauty enthusiasts is my happy place. I go there daily, to talk all things beauty. It has a fantastic admin team, all of whom keep the group on topic and a nice place to be. I have made some genuine friends through this group as it is such a nice place to meet like-minded people.

And that's where I've been hiding for nine months, leaving my blog neglected and unloved whilst I share all my passions over on Facebook.  I should also probably add that during this time, my love for makeup and my knowledge of all things beauty has seriously and dramatically increased!

Social Media Changes

Whilst I rested my blog, I decided to create a space on Facebook for Feeling Pretty Vintage, to run alongside my existing Instagram page, so that I could at least continue to share photos and product details with my friends even though I wasn't blogging.

So I have been a semi-busy beaver in some respects, keeping this going in other ways but just not finding the time or inspiration to sit down and write a proper blogpost.

 That Blogging Itch

As alluded to in the title of this post, and my opening paragraph, just lately my blogging itch has been returning. I want to try again. I want to have my own space to share my thoughts on makeup, clothes, and just other nice things in general. And this time, I want to try and do it my way.

Last year, I did the very thing I set out NOT to do; I tried to be like all the other blogs I read, forgetting that most of those are very experienced, well established professionals, some of them with teams and management and incredibly supportive boyfriend-slash-photographers in tow. I spent so much time planning what to write about, scheduling tweets to promote my mediocre posts, taking photos and editing them to try and look shiny and interesting....blah. So not me.

Actually, all I want from my blog is a little place to share my favourite things. Maybe show some makeup I've bought and give my opinions. Post a picture of my new dress and what I've worn with it. That sort of thing.

I want to forget about scheduling tweets to share my posts, making sure I create regular content, sharing crap for sharing's sake.

So, I shan't make any promises I won't keep, but I do hope to be back again very soon when inspiration hits me and I have something worthwhile to share.

I'll simply see which road this takes me down...

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