Sunday, 26 February 2017

I dyed my hair pink!

I did something pretty random on Friday night. Inspired by a friend, I drove to Boots after work, picked up two bottles of wash out hair dye, and went home to dye my hair pink.

Told you it was random!

I'm rubbish with hair.  For a beauty addict, I'm really quite p*ss poor when it comes to hair. I can't be bothered with it. It's too much effort. The more time spent on hair, the less I have for my face (laughing emoji)

I get bored of my hair. I call it a mouse - because in my eyes my natural colour is meh. It's just a darkish dirtyish blonde. Nothingness. Meh.

Unfortunately, I'm not that fond of going to the hairdressers' either. It's a bit of catch 22. Bored of my hair but hate going to the experts who can sort it out. More laughing emojis...

I had been wondering about doing something different for a while. I didn't think 'pink' was quite as different as I would go.

A friend recommended the new L'OrĂ©al Colorista range - she'd used the lilac on her own hair that very same day and it looked amazing. So I just made a snap decision late Friday afternoon and off I toddled to Boots.

I was going in intending to buy the peach dye and try that out, but the #dirtypink also caught my eye, so I bought both.

I decided to dive in and use the pink straight away, as I thought it might be a more obvious change.

The upshot of all of this is......I absolutely LOVE it.

I was surprised it took to my hair so well as I have no highlights, no bleach etc. But I got the exact effect I wanted - a rosy, ashy pink hue.

The instructions give you options to create an overall colour, and ombre look, or highlights. I just sort of slapped it all over and hoped for the best! I told you - I'm rubbish with hair.

As stated, I absolutely LOVE the results. I've had loads of compliments already and people (my mum) telling me to do it permanently! The colour washes out and the box stated it will last a week - but I only wash my hair once a week so I might be able to stretch it out a bit longer.

I'm really impressed with this product and recommend it if you fancy trying out colours you wouldn't normally go for.  There's a great range of colours and options from one-wash sprays right through to permanent colour.  There's also a complementary bleach kit so if you're quite dark or just want a pure base to intensify the colour, you're catered for.  

When this goes, I am definitely giving the peach a go! Then I might even progress to the semi- and permanent this space!

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