Sunday, 19 March 2017

Bitesize Blogpost: Customised Acrylic Lipstick Storage

There's no escaping it - clear plastic / acrylic makeup storage is a firm favourite amongst beauty lovers. Everyone who is everyone organises their makeup in crisp, clear, acrylic drawers, boxes and trays. They're ideal.

But...they're not very pretty are they?  They're not very personal, or even very original nowadays.

I've always had a bit of a 'thing' about doing things, or having things, that everyone else does or has. And for this reason, for a while at least I had a quite strong aversion to acrylic storage for my makeup.

I resisted for so long. But then I found a lipstick tray in TK Maxx, and I had to have it. I wanted my favourite lipsticks out of my dressing table drawer - both for access and for display purposes. I caved.

However, I was still twitchy about how it looked on my vintage / shabby chic inspired dressing table. Then I had a small wave of inspiration.

I had some pretty, vintage style, lace ribbon leftover from wedding crafting. A quick bit of double-sided tape, et voila! My boring old lipstick holder was customised.

My lovely mum bought me another holder for my birthday, a cute heart shaped one from Primark, and I gave it the same treatment with my last bit of ribbon.

I now have the ideal storage for my lipsticks and my liquid lipsticks, and still feel like I have a touch of individuality on my dressing table.

Sometimes the simplest ideas give the best results!

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