Sunday, 9 April 2017

Holiday Essentials: My guide to travelling light

I'm about to embark upon something crazy. Radical, even. I'm going to tackle it head-on and see what happens. Wish me luck.

No, I'm not talking about something gruelling like climbing Kilimanjaro. I'm talking about embarking upon on a two week holiday in Spain...with HAND LUGGAGE ONLY.

Yes, you read that right.

Cabin bag. Mini suitcase. Air crew holdall. Call it what you like, it's small and terrifying and I'm about to attempt to squish two weeks' worth of clothes, shoes, toiletries, and accessories into it.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Bitesize Blogpost: My Mac Lipstick Collection

I think pretty much every makeup lover in the world likes a Mac lipstick. They're a staple amongst beauty fans.

I don't have a vast collection, but I thought I'd take an opportunity to round up my Macs and show you what I have.

I have amassed enough empties to claim a 'back to Mac' freebie lipstick, and judging by my very pink toned collection I think I need to branch out when picking my next colour.

From Left to Right then, this is what I currently have:

  • Brooke Candy Doowop - Matte finish - this is my ultimate summer colour.
  • Verve - Satin finish - a nice 90s style brown
  • Plum Dandy - Frost finish - a lovely two toned purple / brown
  • Hot Gossip - Cremesheen finish - a perfect everyday pink that I've worn to death, as evidenced in the photo!
  • Brave - Satin finish - my wedding day lipstick and a gorgeous everyday nude pink
  • Modesty - Cremesheen finish - my first Mac lipstick purchase which is another ideal nude
  • Goddess of the Sea - Cremesheen finish - a limited edition, gorgeous purple
What's your Mac collection like? Any recommendations for me?

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Review: Origins Skincare*

*This post contains PR samples

I've been a fan of Origins face masks for a while now; I'd even go so far as saying they're my favourite brand for a skincare treat. Some of my favourite masks include:
I also adore the Maskimizer Skin-Optimizing Mask Primer; this for me is a must and a total game changer when it comes to face masking.

Since I love the brand so much, I've recently been branching out and trying more Origins products. I had a wishlist as long as my arm. One thing I really like about Origins is that they have a feature on their website which enables you to complete a 'profile' (skin type etc), to receive tailored recommendations on what products will suit you. 

So, after getting hold of some Origins samples and some of my 'wishlist' items, and giving them a try for a few weeks, I thought it would be timely to round those up and provide a review of the things I'm loving. I have quite a few items so grab yourself a drink, get comfortable and have a read through.