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Holiday Essentials: My guide to travelling light

I'm about to embark upon something crazy. Radical, even. I'm going to tackle it head-on and see what happens. Wish me luck.

No, I'm not talking about something gruelling like climbing Kilimanjaro. I'm talking about embarking upon on a two week holiday in Spain...with HAND LUGGAGE ONLY.

Yes, you read that right.

Cabin bag. Mini suitcase. Air crew holdall. Call it what you like, it's small and terrifying and I'm about to attempt to squish two weeks' worth of clothes, shoes, toiletries, and accessories into it.

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I can hear the cries of "whyyyy?!" and "are you crazy?!" as I type.

I'll let you into a secret. I'm not going mad. I'm being slightly dramatic for comedic effect, I admit it.

Whilst it's true, that yes, I'm taking a two week trip to Spain and yes, I won't be taking a large, check-in-able suitcase, it's not quite the traditional, beach side, package holiday that I'm going on.

Last October, my in-laws decided to make a permanent move to Spain, after owning property there for the best part of a decade and enjoying as many breaks as possible during that time.

Thank you, in-laws. Win, win, win. Holiday destination for hubby and me, for life. Yas.  This is where we are heading for our holiday, to visit them and explore their new home.

So, I can factor into my packing dilemma facts such as - most "big" toiletries can be left at home. MIL will kindly supply shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, sun protection...heck, she even had makeup wipes for me on visiting at Christmas. I can also rest safe in the knowledge they live in a fully functioning permanent home, with mod cons such as....drumroll....a washing machine!! So, yay, I can take four pairs of pants and just wash 'em (kidding. I'll prob take five).

All joking aside, I do still have the dilemma of being a Fully Fledged Beauty Addict to contend with. Carefully selecting which makeup and skincare to take has not been without its challenges.

And so we reach the purpose of this post. I've broken down some of my personal tips, hints, tricks, call them what you will, for packing light and narrowing down your holiday essentials. I hope you enjoy, maybe even learn something.

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Take Lipliners instead of lipstick
I love lip colour. I change it to suit my mood. So, logic to me is rather than sacrifice a particular shade because I just can't squeeze them in that plastic bag...I just take lipliner pencils in every colour. And a sharpener. They're not 'liquid'. They're small. And I can pop a bit of lip balm (in my liquids bag) on top and underneath for much needed moisture.

Decant, decant, decant. And label. You will not look back.
Seriously, those little travel pots you see in Boots and Superdrug, are so worth it. Sacrificing pretty packaging for a couple of weeks is not that hard. And I just discovered a new way to make decanting that bit more fun. I bought some mini pots from Primark, and was utterly overjoyed to discover they come with little stickers so you can label them to identify contents. REVELATION. I can't believe I never thought of this before. Never again will I rely on recognising identical white lotions by scent alone. Genius.

Make cosmetic cocktails
Do some alchemy whilst you're decanting. If you're like me and you use facial oil, serum, moisturiser and about 65 other layers, do some mixing. For example, put your oil and moisturiser together in the same pot. Et voila! Both products, without taking up precious space.

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Samples are your friend
Remember all those sachets of products you painstakingly peeled off magazine pages, begged beauty counter assistants for, bought £200 of products just to receive? Find them. Hunt them down and make them your friends. Clearly, you need to follow your airline's advice on quantities but I have generally found I haven't been questioned so long as my little plastic bag closes...which means I've been able to take a variety of sample sachets when I travel (I THINK it's usually 100ml max per pot, to a total of a litre in your bag. So 10 100ml bottles or quite a few 10ml samples!)

Pick your battles and look for multitaskers
When I'm at home, my skincare routine consists of approx 875 products. This is unrealistic for my holiday, so I have to make sacrifices. Example - weekly hydrating face mask. A lovely treat. So why not decant some, and use it as night cream whilst away. Skin gets drier in the sun anyway, so why not choose a richer, more nourishing product and treat your skin every day on holiday. Another example - pick a moisturiser with a high dosage SPF in it. Are you getting the gist?

Embrace your natural face
Really, who can be bothered with a full face of seven million layers on holiday. I definitely relax my makeup routine. I'm happy surviving on a touch of BB cream, bit of concealer maybe, sweep of mascara, and brows. Particularly during the day. I do take eyeshadows and liners etc for dressing up if we go out. But I pick my palettes and ensure I can do a variety of looks with the things I take. Honestly, give it a go. As much as I adore painting my face, I do lose all will to spend time on it when I'm on holiday.

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So there you have it, some of my tips and tricks. I hope you've enjoyed this post and I've given you a few ideas and pointers. All that's left to say now is, roll on summer and Bon Voyage!

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