Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Review: Batiste 2in1 Dry Shampoo and Conditioner (a project with TRND)

I recently had the opportunity to test and review a new offering from Batiste - their 2in1 Dry Shampoo and Conditioner, in Orange and Pomegranate scent*

The new formula dry shampoo is designed with specific hair types in mind - dry, curly, dark or coloured hair. The clue is also in the name, it combines the traditional properties of dry shampoo, with additional conditioning benefits.

Batiste suggest that to get the best out of this product, you embrace the "new way to spray" - the suggestion is that the 2in1 should be sprayed at arms length, in a 'halo' motion over the whole of your hair, and then through the ends. It is recommended that you avoid directing the spray right at your roots.

My hair type:
My hair is fair, but it is curly and coloured, and can occasionally be dry. I generally wash it once or twice a week and it doesn't really get 'greasy', but I do use traditional dry shampoo to freshen it up when it's getting ready for washing. I usually concentrate dry shampoo on my roots and around my hairline, which are the areas I feel need it the most. I quite like the texture that traditional dry shampoo adds to my hair as I tend to wear it quite natural and 'beachy'.

The Trial

Day One: Monday
My hair was washed on Saturday night and left to naturally dry overnight. I didn't use any product on it on Sunday.  On 
Monday morning it was a little flat and limp around my face, from sleeping on it. I applied Batiste 2in1, using the "new way to spray".
My first impressions were good. The scent is nice and light, not at all overpowering. The major difference from the original is that this new incarnation is far less powdery. There was no white film left across my dressing table and objects nearby, and I did like this. My hubby normally complains about the dust and generally 'chokey-ness' (such a wordsmith!) of the original; he didn't even notice I was using the 2in1. My hair "fluffed up" nicely and the limpness was gone. So far, so good.

Day One - Before and After (L-R)
Day Two: Tuesday
Results were similar to day one, my hair still felt nice and fresh and by massaging the product in once sprayed, I found that it added a bit of volume and lift and just 'boosted' the overall look / style.
Day Two - Before and After (L-R)
Day Three: Wednesday
I admit, by Wednesday morning I was starting to feel ready to wash my hair. On using the 2in1 again, it did freshen up the overall look of my hair, and I didn't feel like it looked dirty, but it was starting to feel a little bit lacklustre. At this point, I'd normally take to using the traditional dry shampoo on the roots, to try and 'soak up' any grease/build up. I decided to persevere however, in the name of testing, and I didn't wash my hair on Weds evening.
Day Three - Before and After (L-R)
Day Four: Thursday
I was still feeling like I wanted to wash my hair on Thursday morning, but gave it another day with the 2in1 for testing purposes. The hair round my face felt a little bit limp so I opted to pin the front back. As with the previous day, my hair actually looked perfectly fine and clean, but just felt a lot less fresh than that just washed feeling. I caved, and washed my hair on Thursday night.
Day Four - Just an After, forgot to take a Before!
Results and thoughts
Overall, I'm really enjoying using this product. 

It doesn't completely replace the more traditional dry shampoo, as I definitely missed the 'drying' qualities which I think are less obvious in the 2in1 product. I feel like the 2in1 is fabulous for freshening hair without drying it, which is ideal because that's what it is designed for - but if you enjoy that 'clean' feeling which traditional dry shampoo gives, you will notice that's missing when using 2in1.

Having said that, I really like this product. It kept my hair fresh for four consecutive days between washing. It is more lightweight than the original and much less powdery, which I like. For me, this is a nice addition to my haircare - I can see me using this as well as traditional dry shampoo and I don't see that it's necessary to choose one or the other. They both offer different effects and it's definitely worth trying out the 2in1 if you have one of the hair types it is targeted towards.

*I received this product free of charge as part of a project with TRND. Thanks TRND for selecting me for the review project!

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