Saturday, 26 August 2017

Fashion Purgatory... the Summer to Autumn Transition

It’s Britain, it’s August, and it’s cold.  Ok, not as cold as it will be in February, but as I Sat at my desk writing this, wearing a vest under my shirt, I felt cold.

I said it.

I admit defeat. 

I really do feel like Summer is over.  August Bank holiday weekend is upon us, and I am mentally ready to wrap up and embrace the pumpkin-spiced goodness that autumn has to offer.

Shame my wardrobe hasn’t quite caught up.

For me, transitioning from Summer to Autumn is one of the hardest of the seasonal changes, in terms of fashion.  I love summer clothes. I love light dresses, little crop tops, shorts, sandals.  Lovely. Equally, I love the cosy, burgundy drenched joy of the colder months.  Who doesn’t love a big fat jumper and fluffy mittens?

But you know what I don’t love?  Now.  Right now.  It’s not Summer, but it’s not Autumn.  It’s some sort of fashion purgatory and I’m stuck right there at the epicentre – my wardrobe – every morning, thinking,  “well, what the chuff do I wear today?”

I layer up, and by mid-afternoon I’m carrying said layers over my arm like I’m the poor donkey in Buckaroo, because the sun has graced us with its presence (but only during office hours, obvs), and I’m baking on my walk to my car after work.

Recently, I’ve really not been feeling my current clothes, but I’m not ready either for the lovely comfort of my warmest winter woollies.  So, inspired both by another blog I read, and my need to actually go out of the house looking half decent of a morning, I have been thinking about ways to adapt my summer wardrobe to help me through these next couple of weeks.  You know, before I go the whole hog and start wearing my snowsuit to work.

So simple, but add a pair of tights to any summery floral dress or skirt /top combo, and not only are you chic and stylish, but more importantly you're warm. Yay! 

I particularly like the these climate control type ones which good old Primark do - they keep you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. Plus, if it does warm up later, you can always whip them off (as long as you've done your leg hair maintenance!) 

I also like the keep it interesting by picking tights in funky patterns and colours. Last year I picked up some fab multipacks, again from Primark, of plain tights in a mixture of lovely autumn colours - burgundy, navy, grey, bottle green. All gorgeous and I'm hoping they stock them again. And they look equally nice with a light summery frock or a leather mini and chunky knit. 

Ankle Boots
A good pair of ankle boots (I'm partial to a tan Chelsea boot myself) will work harmoniously with your tights to autumn up a summer dress. They'll also look great when you remove the tights due to aforementioned mid-afternoon baking. Win-win! They're the most versatile shoe I know of. 

Pashminas and Cotton Scarves
Before you're quite ready to break out the woolly winter accessories, light pashminas and cotton scarves come in mega handy and see you through the summer/autumn limbo. I like to pick autumnal colors (much like the tight scenario mentioned), so that they really do work through the transition. The beauty is, they're there to warm up your neck on a chilly morning, but light enough to remove and tuck in your bag once it warms up. I promise I'm not on commission, but Primark is my go-to for scarves too. 

90s inspired layering
Hallelujah for 90s trends that just won't quit. There's nothing more versatile than being able to mix and match the two tops you've worn that morning. Long sleeved T with a cami on top gives you plenty to play with to suit the weather. Roasting by lunch time? Whip off the tee and work the underwear-as-outerwear thang in your cute little cami.  

Leather jacket
Last but not least, I love a leather (or pleather) jacket. Everyone should own a couple. I bought a pastel pink one this summer, and it's this baby that's helping me nail summer/autumn confusion. It's warm, so ticks the autumn box, but it's baby pink, so nods to summer. 

So there we have it. I've talked myself round and I think I have some ideas of how I can revitalise my wardrobe and get into the autumn spirit. Now bring me my pumpkin spiced latte!

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