Thursday, 31 August 2017

Review: Herbal Essences Bio:Renew Collections (a project with Savvy Circle)

I was recently lucky to be selected to take part in a research project with Super Savvy Me: Savvy Circle and Herbal Essences, to try out and review three of the ranges under the new Bio:Renew collection of shampoos and conditioners*

I generally only wash my hair once or twice a week (it's healthy, I promise!), and I usually look for shampoos and conditioners that primarly are for strength and repair, or those for coloured hair. I was interested to give these a go; I have used Herbal Essences in the past but not for some time.

There are seven lines under the range (in the UK - the US has nine, lucky them!) I was able to test out three of them, highlighted in bold as follows:

Argan Oil of Morocco
Coconut Milk
White Grapefruit and Mosa Mint
Golden Moringa Oil
Cucumber and Green Tea
Rosemary and Herbs
White Strawberry and Sweet Mint

Argan Oil of Morocco to Repair
I started out with this range as I know my hair can be prone to damage due to being coloured, and the fact that I do use heat on it (even if it's just my hairdryer).

I was really impressed with this set of shampoo and conditioner. After a couple of uses, my hair felt noticeably stronger. When brushing and styling, there was far less breakage and I didn't need to empty loads of hair out of my brush (a regular occurrence previously!) The conditioner made my hair feel silky and smooth. Massive thumbs up and I'm really pleased that I actually noticed the difference the product made to my hair.

White Strawberry and Sweet Mint to Cleanse
I tried this one next as I had left it about a week since the previous wash, with dry shampoo and styling products applied throughout the week, so it did feel like it needed a good thorough cleanse.

My favourite thing about this range is, hands down, the scent.  It is absolutely delicious. I don't know if it was my mind playing tricks, but I felt as though the strawberry was really strong in the shampoo, and the mint in the conditioner. It's a really lovely combination. It definitely does its job of cleansing - after shampooing my hair had that almost squeaky clean feel to it. The conditioner is lovely too.  It was noticeably less nourishing than the Argan Oil, I feel, in that my hair didn't feel quite so soft and silky with this conditioner, but it is nice nonetheless.

After using the Strawberry line

After using the Strawberry line
Cucumber and Green Tea for Shine
Confession time. At the time of writing, I am yet to use this range. I saved this for last as it's the one that I personally feel is less suited to my hair type - being fair haired I always associate 'shine' products more with darker hair colours as I think they can be more visibly shiny than blondes. I am definitely intrigued to try it though as perhaps this is the product to prove to me that blondes can also shine? (plus I'm a silvery / lilac blonde at the moment so shine might be more visible). Although I'm yet to give this one a go, I wanted to include it in the blog post and get this published before the project comes to a close. I'll try and remember to update when I've had chance to use this range.

The verdict?
I am really impressed with these products overall. I don't think I can pick a favourite out of the two ranges I've tried as I do think each offers something different and they're equally suited to my hair type. I'm looking forward to continuing to use both. I've also handed out samples to friends and so far had nothing but great feedback.

Let me know if you pick any of these up, and what you make of them!

*I received these products free of charge as part of a project with Savvy Circle. Thanks Savvy Circle for selecting me!

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