Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy New Year 2018!

As the first day of 2018 draws to a close, I've been thinking about resolutions.  I'm not really keen on that word so instead I've set myself some little goals or aspirations to try and keep in mind for 2018.  They're nothing really earth shattering as I find that kind of goal setting quite unrealistic.  Just a few little things I want to think about heading into the next new year.

Buy new books

I want to read more this year. I want to while away the hours reading all of the books on my wishlist rather than endlessly scrolling through my phone.  So my first goal is to try and keep me on my reading mission. I already have so many to get through, but there are lots I want to buy too. I am funny with books. Some I'm happy to borrow from the library, read and return. Others I get from charity shops cheaply, then re donate when I'm done.  Others, I like to save and when our bedroom is decorated I definitely want a bookshelf for those special ones.

Be wiser with my pennies

Haha good one! This really is about not being indulgent and buying every new dress, bag or lipstick that takes my fancy. I need to get wiser and buy things I'll savour and enjoy.

Only follow inspiring accounts

I've started this one. I had a good old Instagram clearout and now I'm happy that the people and accounts I follow are ones that make me smile and laugh and not ones that make me think "I wish I had her boobs / makeup collection / life".  I feel better already, although now I am actually enjoying my feed it's not helping to stop the senseless scrolling I mentioned a few paragraphs up.

Make more effort to blog

Ta-daaaah! Here I am, fulfilling this one already! Haha I do enjoy getting my opinions and thoughts down so I really do want to try and do this more often. I just need to ensure that I write because I want to, not because I feel like I should.  In an over-saturated world it's hard to know really what I want from this blog. I do love sharing my passion for makeup and beauty, but I mostly get that from the amazing Facebook group I admin (The Beauty Collective) with my friends. I would like to commit more to my blog though, so we'll see how that goes when life gets in the way.

Have nicely painted nails

This is another one which I get annoyed at myself about - but then also sit faffing with my phone instead of sorting my nails.  My lovely late granddad always said that a woman who took care of herself took care of her hands and nails, so I really should take that on board.  I do have painted nails today. I was a bit disappointed with my choice of polish but that's ok because I do have this week off work so I can always have another go in a day or two.

Faith, trust and pixie dust

This is just a silly one really, I don't even know that means anything.  Last year I had "have courage and be kind", so I wanted another element of Disney to make me smile this year.  I suppose a psychologist might argue it's my subconscious telling me to believe in myself more...or something.

I will not be responsible for the version of me inside other people's heads

I saw this quote somewhere during 2017 and it really resonated with me. In 2017, I had some spells of feeling like all I could do was disappoint certain people, but when I saw this quote and was feeling brighter, I realised that actually, I never asked those people if I'd disappointed them.  And even if I had, what really could I do about it in hindsight.  So long as I try my best and do what I believe to be the best I can, then I can't be responsible for what anyone else thinks.

So there we are.  A little run down of goals and inspirations I've sorted myself for 2018.  I have these on a notes app on my phone so I can revisit them when I'm having a scrolly day, and remind myself to go and do other things!

I hope 2018 brings lots of laughter and happiness to all my loved ones.  Let's have a good un.

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