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Review: Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water

A few months ago, I received a 400ml bottle of Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water to try out. 

I was apprehensive as my previous experience with Micellar water hadn't been a great one. 

However, since then I have learnt some things about how Micellar should properly be used and so I was looking forward to giving this a try. 

Spoiler warning - the word 'Micellar' appears A LOT in this post.

Some years ago, probably when Micellar waters first came onto the scene, I did purchase one to try out. It was so long ago I honestly can't even remember the brand I tried, but it was the latest big thing in makeup removal so I got some...and was disappointed. I remember that whilst it did remove makeup, including tough mascara and eyeliner, I also found it dried my already dehydrated skin out something rotten. I quickly dismissed Micellar as 'not for me' (and admittedly went back to using makeup removal wipes...shock horror! Don't worry, I've come a long way since then).

As mentioned, since my first foray into Micellar water, I have expanded my skincare and beauty knowledge quite significantly. Not long ago (perhaps a year) this video by skincare guru Nadine Baggott was brought to my attention - in it she explains the common issues people find with Micellar waters.  This included the dryness and 'tightening' sensation which I'd experienced.

I think it turned out that where a lot of us had been going wrong was in that we'd been using Micellar and only Micellar. No rinsing, no second cleanse (yes, double cleansing was once not a thing in my vocabulary, never mind my life!) I've heard that Micellar was originally developed for makeup artists working on catwalk models, to quickly remove makeup backstage, ready to reapply to send the models back down the catwalk as quickly as possible. It's not really meant to be used as your daily one and only cleanser. It needs to be followed with something (even just a rinse with good old H20 if not a second cleanse).

So there's my Micellar education story for you. 

Fast forward to October 2017 when I received the Garnier version, with added oil-infusion. 

I was actually quite excited to receive this because I was interested to put my new found knowledge to the test. Plus, this promised to be kind to my dehydrated skin with its added oil (oil being another recent discovery and addition to my skincare routine).  Here's the decription of the product, courtesy of Superdrug's website:

"Is Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water Right For Me? 
Yes, if you are looking for an efficient, yet gentle cleanser that removes all make-up (even waterproof), impurities and dirt and leaves skin feeling nourished. Suitable even for dry, sensitive skin. 

Why Is It Different? 
Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water is an easy way to remove even waterproof make-up, and cleanse and nourish the feel of skin, in 1 step without rinsing. 

How Does It Work?
For the 1st time Garnier Micellar technology is formulated with oils. The micelles (cleansing agents) capture impurities like a magnet & lift away dirt from the skin, whilst the oils instantly dissolve all types of make-up. 

The Results:
Perfectly cleansed, nourished feeling skin without rubbing or rinsing.

Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing water, for dry and sensitive skin
Cleanses and nourishes the skin
Removes even waterproof make-up
Non-greasy, for face, eyes and lips

No Rinsing"

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed the very last point - No Rinsing. One thing I will immediately say is, I disagree. I'm with Nadine on this one, I think it needs to be removed. 

Overall, though, I am really pleasantly surprised by how well this product has worked for me. I first tested it on my full face of Halloween makeup (I happened to receive it just before Halloween) and it was incredible at its job, I had white face paint, dark black and grey contour and eye makeup, and fake blood, all over my face. This Micellar cut through it all with such ease - I didn't have to really rub and aggravate my skin, it just came off on cotton pads. My skin felt soft and comfortable afterwards.

Not the most flattering photo,
but the Micellar cut through
this spooky makeup!

I did feel a slight film / oilyness which I didn't like, so this is why I like to rinse or second cleanse, but in all honesty this could just be my preference. The packaging does state that it doesn't need to be rinsed so I'm sure it'd be ok to leave on.

I've continued to use this daily to remove my first layer of makeup, and I'm only just about half way through the 400ml bottle I received. A little goes a long way. I also noticed that the oil / water ratio is pretty good and stays fairly even throughout the use of the product. It has to be shaken on each use to mix the two elements. I've noticed with each use it settles quite evenly and mixes well enough that there is still plenty of oil left (i.e. the oil doesn't simply all get used up quickly leaving you with just water).

All in all I'm happy with this product. It removes tough mascara and liquid liner, and liquid matte lipsticks with ease. A real pleasant surprise.

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