Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Review: Real Techniques PowderBleu Collection* with Influenster

I need to tell you all about the softest makeup brushes I have ever had the pleasure of using. Thanks to Influenster, I have had the sheer joy of using the Real Techniques PowderBleu collection for over a month now and I am OBSESSED.

In November, completely out of the bleu (pun intended), I was notified that I had been selected to receive the RT PowderBleu collection of brushes (I'm sure it wasn't out of the blue, I think I will have completed the requisite surveys etc. on the Influenster app).

I was absolutely delighted with this. I had been contemplating getting a couple of new brushes for a while, in particular I wanted a super fluffy eyeshadow blending brush...so the makeup fairies really were looking down on me the day I received my Influenster RT VoxBox.

In the package, I received four of the brushes from the collection. I'll give you my thoughts on each one in turn as I've had a good month to use them and can honestly say they are new favourites and every day staples.

I will add that I am a HUGE Real Techniques fan. Mega. My brush collection is mostly made up of RT and they are the ones I recommend to anyone who will listen. I've had mine for years and they wear and wash brilliantly. I'm also a recent convert to their Miracle Complexion Sponge which applies my foundation like an absolute dream.

B01 Soft Powder Brush*
"Perfect for blending and buffing in your fave powder foundation or locking in a shimmery highlight"

This is the largest of the brushes and it is so unbelievably soft, it's hard to know whether any teddy bears were killed in the making of this brush. I'm sure there weren't. It's absolutely delightful. I have been using it with loose powder to lightly set my foundation on a daily basis and it is absolutely perfect. It picks up and distributes the product so well and my skin never feels caked in powder.

B02 Soft Finishing Brush*
"Pair with a powder blush to create a gorgeously diffused, rosy glow"

This compares in size to the original RT Contour brush from the Core Collection. It's the perfect size for my cheeks and I have used it for both highlight and contour powders. It's just as soft as its big sister the B01 and it's lovely to use. I haven't tried it with blush yet as personally I haven't really needed to, I like it for highlight and/or contour.

B03 Soft Complexion Brush*
"Use with a setting powder to lock in your flawless look, without disturbing any layers of makeup underneath"

For me, this brush shape and style compares with the original RT Buffing Brush, again from the Core Collection. It's lovely and dense but doesn't lose that gorgeous softness that the whole collection has. I have been using it for bronzer / contour powder. I want to give it a go with liquid products to see how it does compare with the buffing brush. I have also tried it with illuminating setting powder and it's lovely for an overall buff of finishing powder.

B04 Soft Shadow Brush*
"Create an expertly-blended eye look by layering on eyeshadow, whilst also preventing creasing"

The star of the show for me is the eyeshadow brush - I'm actually tempted to buy a second one. I wanted something looser and fluffier than any of my other brushes, for serious blending through for shadows in my eye crease. This is so perfect for this purpose. It's also lovely to use with a touch of highlighter on smaller points of the face such as brow bone, nose bridge and cupid's bow.

I haven't yet washed any of these brushes as I haven't needed to, but I may well do that this week and will update on my socials to let you know how they fare. If they're anything like as hardy as my other RT brushes I think they will wash and dry beautifully.

I know it's easy to say nice things when you've been gifted products, but I honestly would not rave about the products if I didn't mean it. I've used all four of these every day since receiving them and they've become part of routine.

I'm excited by some of the new releases which I've seen Real Techniques have coming up, including 'toothbrush' style brushes and a storage case for the Miracle Complexion Sponge. They remain firm favourites in my eyes!

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*All items marked with an asterix were gifted to me for review by Influenster

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