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Welcome to Feeling Pretty Vintage

Let me introduce myself...

Siobhan Lloyd


Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK

I've been married to Adam since 1st August 2015.

We live in Huddersfield with our cat, Effie.

I'm a true Yorkshire girl at heart - we even got married on Yorkshire Day!

I work in local government as an elections administrator; in a nutshell I make sure elections happen in our district.

My passions in life include salsa dancing, spending time with my friends and family, makeup/beauty and my love of vintage style.

About My Blog

I decided to start a blog because I quite like writing, I quite like reading and I quite like sharing my opinions on all sorts of things.  I like to share and I think a blog is a nice way to do that.

I think I'll mostly write about makeup and beauty, sharing things I like and dislike, and showing you what I've done with my face. I like fashion too so there might be a bit of that. 

The important thing for me really, is that I don't have a plan. So I'll bob in from time to time when the mood takes me, and write some stuff. I don't take myself too seriously so I don't plan on doing that with my blog either!

It's important to me that my blog feels honest, genuine and down to earth. I don't aspire to be 'just another beauty blogger' - I hope I can offer something a little bit different. I'm just a girl next door who likes makeup and beauty products and wants to share that passion with like minded people.

I mostly share photos taken on my phone, in the moment; I don't spend hours planning or editing because I like to (for want of a less cringey phrase) 'keep it real'.

I hope that my approach appeals to some of you out there and you enjoy reading and seeing my pics. Please get involved and share your thoughts on my posts, there's nothing much I love more than chatting about makeup.

Feeling Pretty Vintage

If you're wondering, the blog name is completely random. It took me ages to string together a couple of words I liked.  This was the outcome! I wish it was a more romantic story than it actually is...

Twitter: @feelingprettyv1

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